Jul 16, 2020

How to Build Your Own Returns Center

With so many offerings for Returns Management out there, it can be difficult to select one that suits your needs. One of the most widely used RMA apps on Shopify is Aftership Returns Centre, providing an impressive suite of integrations and an ecosystem of applications that assist e-commerce businesses.

So how does PostCo differ? We've made it easy for you by providing 3 different points of comparison. Alternatively, click here to jump to the comparison table at the end.

It’s 2020, and simpler than ever to start streamlining your online business with a much-needed customised returns center.

With just a few clicks, you can have a beautifully branded platform for automatically handling your returns and exchanges!

Step 1: Pick and install your app

Thankfully for Shopify store owners, many have sought to simplify the returns and exchange process. On the Shopify app store, you’ll find apps like Aftership Returns Center, Returnly, Return Magic, and of course, PostCo 360, to name a few. While these apps all aid in returns management, each has defining features. We recommend picking one that best caters to your business’ needs.

PostCo 360 on the Shopify app store

On top of offering the basics of managing returns and exchanges, PostCo 360 offers features like multi-channel returns (including in-store returns), multiple user roles and permissions, and instant access to PostCo’s 3,000+ locations. Start your free trial today.

Step 2: Design your returns portal

Design your returns center to suit your brand! Customising the styling of your returns portal is essential in making sure that your customers feel like they have a seamless experience from your website to your returns management app.

Soft, rosy tints are used for this store's returns page
A custom returns center featuring a cool, dark, theme.
A refreshing take on a return center starring bright blue tones.

Bear in mind that the level of customisability varies for each app. That said, there are several elements you may customise from the 360’s 'Customise' tab:

Logo + Background Image + Primary Color

Tailor your returns center to best mirror your brand in PostCo 360's 'Customise' tab.

Page Title + Favicon + URL

Editing the page title will edit what appears on the top of your page. Further customise your returns portal by including your store name in the URL.
Editing the Favicon is great for branding.

Step 3: Automate and define your returns policy

Automate the application of your return policies, so neither you nor your customers will have to go through long HTML documents again! Whether it’s making certain product tags non-returnable, enforcing your returns window, or pushing / absorbing return logistics costs, a good returns management app should help you automate them with a powerful policy editor.

Optimally enforce your returns policy by disallowing returns of items that have exceeded their allotted return window.
Controlling the conditions in which an item’s return cost is borne by you or borne by your customer discourages exploitation of your return policy.

Step 4: Embed 360 (or your app of choice) on your site et voila!

Congratulations! You’ve got a fully branded returns and exchange center up and running, with customer support available 24/7 and a comprehensive help center should you have further queries.

Begin managing your returns on your dashboard!

Bonus: Customise your e-mails and notifications

Branded e-mails and notifications are essential elements that elevate your online store’s brand image. Importantly, it increases credibility in your brand’s handling of returns and exchanges. It’s definitely a plus to have!

A customised return confirmation e-mail adds to branding.

And… that's it! Feel free to reach out to us should you encounter any issues or confusion! We’d be more than happy to support creating your returns platform.

Still have doubts? Start your 7-day free trial today, no strings attached.
Comparison Table:
PostCo 360
Returns Management Platform
Customisable Returns Portal
Return Policy Editor
Automated Notifications
Integration with International Couriers
Integration with Regional Couriers + PostCo drop-off points
In-store returns
User-defined roles and permissions
SSL Returns Centre

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