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Jul 16, 2020

How to Encourage Exchanges and Say Goodbye to Refunds

With so many offerings for Returns Management out there, it can be difficult to select one that suits your needs. One of the most widely used RMA apps on Shopify is Aftership Returns Centre, providing an impressive suite of integrations and an ecosystem of applications that assist e-commerce businesses.

So how does PostCo differ? We've made it easy for you by providing 3 different points of comparison. Alternatively, click here to jump to the comparison table at the end.

All too often, retailers overlook the importance of returns flow design. The result? Endless pages of minuscule text that signal a returns process just as daunting. These lengthy policies not only describe a tedious manual operation but above all, do not intuitively encourage exchanges. We’ve established that a return does not entail a lost customer, but with an exchange, retailers not only retain a happy customer but also steer clear of putting their cash flow in the red. That said, how can we encourage exchanges and bid refunds goodbye?

A simple nudge is all it takes. Enter the PostCo 360 returns center’s automated flow:

Notice how customers are first prompted to 'Exchange for something similar'. With this in-line exchange feature, customers can at a click of a button, exchange for different sizes, colors and other available variants. Make ‘Exchange for something similar’ your store’s equivalent to McDonald’s profit multiplying pre-checkout question of ‘Would you like fries with that?’

What’s more- double down on customer happiness by enabling PostCo returns, granting access to free drop-off returns at 3,000+ convenient locations across South East Asia. In saving your customers a trip to the post office and the cost of return logistics, you instil a sense of security in your customers with convenient returns, thereby earning their loyalty. 

Instantly cash in on operational savings with a custom returns center. Inventory management is an arduous task. We’re all too familiar with the toll on time of manually upkeeping precise stock counts, as well as the distress of overselling stock. With this in mind, we built in features like safety stock and auto-restock to introduce optimal efficiency and accuracy to your current means of administration.  

Ensure that you always have some stock available for exchanges to prevent overselling to customers.
Increase operational efficiency and accuracy by enabling auto-restock for every successful exchange. 

In summary, converting refunds into exchanges help maximize profits and retain revenue on your books. With a custom returns center, that can be achieved while also keeping your loyal customers, preventing your cash flow from running red, and saving you operational costs. 

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Comparison Table:
PostCo 360
Returns Management Platform
Customisable Returns Portal
Return Policy Editor
Automated Notifications
Integration with International Couriers
Integration with Regional Couriers + PostCo drop-off points
In-store returns
User-defined roles and permissions
SSL Returns Centre

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