Jul 16, 2020

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With so many offerings for Returns Management out there, it can be difficult to select one that suits your needs. One of the most widely used RMA apps on Shopify is Aftership Returns Centre, providing an impressive suite of integrations and an ecosystem of applications that assist e-commerce businesses.

So how does PostCo differ? We've made it easy for you by providing 3 different points of comparison. Alternatively, click here to jump to the comparison table at the end.

What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

It is a great time for e-commerce. In 2017, Asia led the global online shopping transactions per customer at 22.1 per year. In 2020, there will be 2.05 billion people worldwide that purchase things online. However, there’s also a very real danger with this increasing demand; 61% of global consumers felt let down by their online shopping experience last year, and 9 out of 10 consumers will complain publicly and privately, online and offline, when they have a bad shopping experience. Though the market is growing, the risk of losing customers is also getting bigger. How can businesses gain and retain customers?

We believe that the key ingredient here is trust. Customers need to be able to trust retailers, be it through the quality and consistency of a product, the security of the brand, the availability, the customisability - the list goes on. In an ideal world, retailers can deliver their products to customers and close the sales cycle with the checkout button. However, we know that things rarely go perfectly - customers may change their mind, or the product may be damaged upon delivery, or customers order the wrong size; it’s all very common, and that’s where a returns option comes in. In fact, it’s so common that Klarna claims that 62% of shoppers won’t shop at a retailer that doesn’t offer free returns, and enabling returns not only gains you customers - it retains them too.

But it isn’t just the availability of returns; it is also the ease of returning an item. Currently, most customers have to pour through their online retailer’s returns policy, endure a meticulous process for approvals, or arrange and pay for their own delivery - a dreary process.

What is PostCo 360?

PostCo 360 helps you power your store's very own Return Center. Gone are the days of HTML return policies. Our platform enables you to brand your portal, start adding business logic, customise your own returns policies and reduce cost of processing returns resulting in higher customer loyalty!

For Merchants

  • Fully-branded return page for your online store
  • Reduce customer friction with self-service returns
  • Retain more revenue with instant in-line product exchanges
  • One-click approval/rejection (reducing manual emails and calls)
  • Customer photo upload for comprehensive review process
  • Multiple return methods
  • No tech setup needed
  • 24/7 customer support

For Shoppers

  • No manual, tedious back-and-forth emails
  • Seamless experience with a user-friendly interface
  • Numerous retail locations for customers to conveniently drop off their returns
  • Automated shipping label to provide a seamless return experience
  • Notifications on acceptance, rejection, exchange of returns

Just set your product returns policy on our dashboard and we'll handle the rest - from label generation to refunds, and more! At PostCo, we aim to create the best return experience for you and your customers and we will never stop until we have done so!

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Comparison Table:
PostCo 360
Returns Management Platform
Customisable Returns Portal
Return Policy Editor
Automated Notifications
Integration with International Couriers
Integration with Regional Couriers + PostCo drop-off points
In-store returns
User-defined roles and permissions
SSL Returns Centre

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