Hassle-free shipping methods

Stop treating your returns and shipping as separate entities. We provide easy default shipping methods alongside custom shipping methods.

automatic label generation

Never return without a label again

Choosing from one of our many integrated drop-off and pick-up methods automatically generates a label for your customers, providing a convenience second to none.

PostCo Returns
Choose from 3,000+ locations across 3 countries and enable your customers to drop off their parcels at their nearest pharmacy, petrol station, or local store.
Give your customers the freedom to return their parcels with their favourite postal methods.
Courier Pick-Up
PostCo 360 comes with out-of-the-box courier integration for pick-up options. Allow your customers to select their preferred pick-up date, time, and address.
In-Store Returns
Give your customers a unique post-purchase experience by driving them back to your store for returns.
Multiple shipping methods

Choose how your returns are shipped

Stop limiting your customers to returning only by mail. Start giving them the ability to choose between drop-off, pick-up, and in-store returns.

Custom shipping methods

Define your own shipping methods

Got a preferred courier or shipping method? We provide a modular approach so you can style and define your own shipping methods for both domestic and international returns.

Join the hundreds of brands that are processing their returns with PostCo 360.